Why Should You Ventilate?

The importance of domestic ventilation

Years ago, before double glazing and central heating our homes did not suffer as much with mould and condensation. ESS Ventilation can help with any ventilation, condensation or mould problems across London and the South East.

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Over the years we have become more concerned with making our homes energy efficient by putting in double glazing and making our homes as air tight as possible ensuring no heat can escape.

But with recently updated building regulations, it is a legal requirement to install ventilation units into all new builds. But where does this leave the current home owners suffering with mould and condensation?
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Condensation is most visible on windows. This water forms when there is too much moisture in the air. It is a nuisance to keep having to drying your windows every morning in the winter or after having a bath. 

 But what is more concerning is the condensation that you are not aware of. In the right conditions condensation can form on ceilings, walls, skirting boards, in cupboards and can affect clothing and furnishings. 


Mould is a more serious development from condensation. As well as being an eye-saw, it is now considered a category 1 health hazard, making it a legal requirement to manage and prevent mould.

 It's not just the mould that you can see. There is a build up of toxic gases and is the perfect environment for dust mites to thrive. 

Proper ventilation will not only help reduce the likelihood of condensation and mould forming, but also allows your property to meet legal requirements for air quality.
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